Why do I need branded URL shortener?

A branded shortener helps you many ways. It is not used by only marketers but also by bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, online business holders etc. A few reasons are represented below.

  1. Track the Link
    The main purpose of a URL shortener is to track your link. Reason- to keep an eye on how many clicks you are getting each day and what is the possibility of your link to grow. This will help you analyze which link is most important and which is not.
  2. Use your custom slug
    In generic short URLs, you can’t always use your favorite slug or keyword. Most of the common slugs are usually unavailable as they are already taken. In a branded short URL, you can use the exact slug you want in your URL. You can use keywords for SEO optimization, a word to remember your link or use it for bookmark purposes.
  3. Don’t get blacklisted
    So many people use the same domain in generic short URLs, that it can get blacklisted. In a branded short URL, you use your own domain. So no chance of getting blacklisted.
  4. Change the destination URL
    You can make mistakes while creating a short URL. In that case, you need to update your content. With branded URL shortener, you can do this. Where most of the non-branded URL shorteners don’t permit you to do it.
  5. Gain more trust
    A branded short URL showcases your brand in the URL. This means your audiences can see your brand name and custom slug in the URL. It helps them to recognize your brand at a glance. So they can be confident that it is legitimate and secure.
  6. Visibility to your brand
    Often untrusted links may result in misunderstanding of spamming. Branded short URL shows your brand name or domain name in the URLs. Not the name of the service you are using. This gives your brand the visibility it needs and increases your audiences’ trust over you.