How does branded short URL help in business?

A branded short URL is a custom URL that has been customized with the brand name and a custom slug. It is created with the user's chosen domain name, TLD, and URL slug. There are many benefits of using branded short URLs as opposed to generic short URLs.

  1. Helps you to monetize your links
    Monetize each of your links to know your audience's choice and follow them. With the growth of each link, you can build up the marketing empire you wish for. You can know from where you are the most clicks and how you can turn your business in that direction.
  2. Easy to Memorize and Pronounce
    A short URL with your brand name and a custom slug is easier to memorize and pronounce than a generic short URL. This makes sharing easier.
  3. Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversions
    Increases your links Click Through Rate because of using branded short URLs and increases your conversions (how many visitors clicked your Call-To-Action and Lead Generation). This helps you to keep focused and on track.
  4. Increase Trust
    A branded short URL gives your audiences a clear understanding of where the link will lead them. So they don’t have to worry about spam links. Moreover, this will give your brand a trusted visibility.
  5. SEO
    When you add a keyword as your custom slug, you can get an added edge with SEO. This will help Google to crawl your link among thousands of links.
  6. Branding
    Using your own brand name in your branded short link is a great approach to branding. In this social media culture, it is a great strategy to make your brand name visible wherever you can. This might include- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, YouTube Videos etc.