How do I make my own branded short URL

First of all, you have to add a custom domain to your RetargetKit account.
Please check our documentations to know how to add a custom domain.
After adding a custom domain to RetargetKit:
  1. Log in to your RetargetKit account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Campaign page.
  3. If not, then click on the Campaign tab from the top of the page.
  4. You have to update your campaign with your newly added custom domain.
  5. Hold your mouse pointer over the campaign name. In our example, it is EbongCampaign.
  6. You will get a bunch of options.
  7. Click on the third option, which is Edit.

  8. Click the NEXT button.

  9. Click the NEXT button.

  10. Click on the Custom Domain field.
  11. Select your custom domain. In our example, it is
  12. Click on the NEXT button.

  13. Click on the SAVE CAMPAIGN button.

  14. Your campaign has been updated with your new custom domain.
  15. Click on the New Retarget Link to make a branded short URL.
  16. You will get a pop-up form.
  17. Click on Select any campaign to select your campaign, if not selected by default.
  18. Enter your long URL in the Destination URL field. In our example, it is
  19. Enter your custom slug in the your-custom-slug field next to your custom domain. In our example, the slug is hello-world
  20. Click on the SAVE button.

  21. Your branded short URL has been created. In our example, the branded short URL is

  22. Click on the icon next to the short URL to copy and share the URL wherever you want.