How do I create a RetargetKit retargeting link

  1. Log in to your RetargetKit account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Campaign page. If not then navigate to the Campaign page. Or create a campaign.
  3. Now click on the New Retarget Link button. You will get the following pop-up form.
  4. Click on Select any campaign to select your campaign. In our example, it is the RetargetKit Campaign.
  5. Enter your URL in the Destination URL field. In our example, it is
  6. Enter your custom slug in the your-custom-slug field. In our example, it is shorter. You can even leave it as it is.
  7. Hit the SAVE button. Your Retarget Link will be created. In our example the link is
  8. Click on the icon next to your retargeted link in the pop-up box to copy the retargeted link.
  9. Click on the CLOSE button to close the pop-up.
  10. Now you can share the retargeted link wherever you want.