How Do I Create a Curated Page

  1. Log in to your RetargetKit account.
  2. Click on the New Campaign button.

  3. Select your brand’s name from the Brand Name field. Example- EbongStore.

  4. Enter your campaign’s name in the Campaign Name field. Example- myCuratedCamp.
  5. Select Curated Page from the Campaign Type field.

  6. Click on the NEXT button.
  7. You can use your custom domain or just SKIP it.

  8. You can use retargeting pixels or just SKIP it.

  9. Enter your slug in the Slug field. Example- my-contents. So the URL will be
  10. Enter a title for your curated page in the Title field. Example- My Curated Page.
  11. Enter a description in the Description box. Example- A curated page for all of my technical writings.
  12. To set a background image, click on Choose Image under the Header Background Image. This is optional. We recommend using a 764 X 450 size image.
  13. You can use any browser supported script such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the Custom Script box.

  14. Click on the SAVE CAMPAIGN button.
  15. Now click on the New Retarget Link button.

  16. Select your campaign in the Campaign Name field, if not selected by default. Example- myCuratedCamp.
  17. Enter your long URL in the Destination URL field. Example-
  18. Enter a custom slug next to the Example- black-friday-deals-2020.

  19. Click on the SAVE button.

  20. The content has been added to your curated page.