1. Log in to your RetargetKit account.
  2. Click on the Analytics tab from the top menu.
  3. You will get an overview of all of your campaigns. 

Filtering Analytics Report

  1. Click on All Time next to the download icon.
  2. Select the number of days.

  3. Then click on the download icon.
  4. Select the categories you want to download in your report.

  5. Click on the DOWNLOAD REPORT.

Split Test Report

  1. Click on Campaigns from the top menu.
  2. Hold your mouse pointer on the link you want to get a report about.
  3. You will get a bunch of options, click on the 5th option which is Analytics.

  4. You will get the split test report.

  5. Click on the camera icon next to the Split Test URLs to download the report.

Custom Parameters

  1. Custom parameters allow you to track the click rate of a link you shared on different platforms.
  2. It lets you know how many clicks you are getting from each platform for a link.
  3. Add your custom parameter at the end of the link, when you share it. In our example, the short URL along with the custom parameter is In this example, the parameter is 'facebook'. We will share this link on Facebook.

  4. You can see how many visitors are converted into customers and the rate of conversion in the CONVERSIONS and CONVERSION RATE columns. Read this doc to know more about conversion.

Download Clicks Overview

  1. Clicks Overview is the graphical representation of clicks in accordance with the date.

  2. You can take a snapshot of this graphical report and send it to your client to give him/her an insight.
  3. Click on the camera icon.
  4. The snapshot will be downloaded to your computer.

Campaign analytics

  1. If you need the analytics of any specific campaign, then hold your mouse pointer over the name of that campaign.
  2. You will get a bunch of options, click on the 2nd one which is Analytics.

  3. You will get the analytics report of that campaign.